How Datalyse’s CRM will Help Support your Business

Whether you’re new to CRM’s, an established business using an old system or, have a new system in place, our offering will combine the different elements that your business needs all on one platform.

We want to take businesses off from using an Excel spreadsheet and start using an automated CRM system. Datalyse’s customer relationship management solution provides more than just a CRM.

Most businesses today use more than one element to their software. For example, a business can have a telecom’s system attached to its CRM. Oftentimes the CRM and telecoms has another system that allows the team leader or call centre manager to review, track and analyse calls.

There are many integrations required by businesses such as those mentioned above. Others include utilising a To request a centralised phone network which allows businesses to manage all their numbers in one place, no matter what country or region they are being used and so forth.

Datalyse offers all the above and much more all from one platform. What does this mean for you? It means that your current systems or new ones can be integrated seamlessly into one. If you want to take it slow and start your journey step by step for your business, we will do that with you too.

Still unsure whether Datalyse is the right fit for your sales team?

Here are some reasons we have come across and answered.

‘My team is used to the current system and we don’t have time to learn a new system’
We will provide training from the moment we start working with you. Our easy to use system is clearly labelled, so you definitely don’t need an IT degree to use it. You will start saving time straight away as the functions we offer are automated.

‘It will take ages to integrate all the systems we have in place’
We have helped businesses move their functions over, or integrated outside third party systems with a 2.2% downtime. We usually work on the integration out of office hours.

‘What if we don’t like the system and we want to revert back to our old system’
Luckily for you, Datalyse offers a free trial for 14 days on its CRM system. This means you can try before you buy.

If you want to help save your business money and time, then give us a call to +44 29 2168 0133 and we will fit in a free demonstration, so that you can see the system working in real time.
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