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Organise your sales activities and processes with ease.
11€ per user per month


Integrated communications, file uploading and departments.
35€ per user per month


Sell more by automating all your processes and calls.
47€ per user per month

11€ / month
35€ / month
47€ / month
Manage your contacts and companies.
Organise your tasks in the calendar.
Create agent, administrator or master accounts for each employee.
Visualise your sales opportunities in stages.
Full personalisation of properties for your contacts, companies and sales opportunities.
Detailed, comprehensive and customised reports based on sales, agent, contacts and more.
Create different funnels for opportunities, contacts and companies.
View the activity of all employees.
Import unlimited contacts and companies from Excel.
Add a CRM Chat Bot Integration to your website to support your customers and monitor your visitors in real time.
Web phone to make and receive calls directly in the CRM.
Receive and store your emails and attachments.
Customised dashboards and reports.
Tracking of email readership.
Upload and share files without limits.
Real-time call monitoring.
Access to the Datalyse API.
Call recording.
Send SMS.
Create unlimited departments.
Quotations with integrated Stripe payment gateway.
Automations. Create workflows to automate your processes.
Automatic dialling system.
Whatsapp integration service.

Save with Datalyse

Datalyse the intergrated CRM playform, locating the work of many applications into one

Datalyse CRM

  • Virtual Switchboard
  • Files in the secure cloud
  • Appointments from your website
  • Videoconferencing
  • Dynamic properties
  • Unlimited pipelines
  • Unlimited automations
  • Integrations and APIs
49€ / month
30€ / user
CRM Salesforce
209,16€ / month
Recommended packages

Enrich your plan with more features

Premium Support

400 €
Immediate response in 1 h or less/ 09:00am to 18:00pm. Ticket and incident tracking every working day. Open ticket tracking on a daily basis. Support to your company's team members.

Customised Data Migration

150 €
Initial consultancy call - A member of our team will contact your team to see how to will contact your team to discuss how to proceed with the data migration and its details. migration and its details. Our team will proceed with the migration of your data (Up to 100,000 contacts) which will be ready in 5 to 7 working days. working days. A call will be arranged to review the upload of all data and to confirm that all and to confirm that everything is working as planned. as planned.


500 €
Consultancy in the configuration and customisation of the application Consultancy to advise on what kind of integrations your team will need your team will need depending on your requirements (1 to 3 hours). Team training and demo. Review of processes and data data (1 hour).

Data Cleansing Service

150 €
A consultancy call to review your data and data and preparation of the clean-up. Duplication and cleansing of existing leads and contacts (up to 50,000 leads).

Global Integrations Service

500 €
Save time with the implementation, configuration and maintenance of your sales and marketing pipelines. Custom integrations Synchronise data between Datalyse and other services (Zapier, industry apps, etc.).

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