Safe & Simple Cloud Based CRM

Datalyse has a private cloud integrated into its own CRM, allowing files to be shared with other users without having to take up storage space on physical devices in a secure way. In addition, backups are made in order to preserve important information and recover them later without complications.
Datalyse Clouding

With the cloud file module, CRM recovery is assured.


Backups in the CRM itself

With Datalyse cloud data storage, data loss will never happen again.
I recovered and restore data and files from cloud copies.
I saved storage, thanks to the cloud file module integrated in your CRM, our computer will not be so cluttered with files, so you will gain in productivity, space and time.
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Productive from anywhere

You only need an internet connection to access all the tools in your office.
The fact that arrange of the material anywhere in the world and at any time facilitates this model of remote working. With Datalyse it is possible.
Favour and collaborates with the possibility of this type of storage, reinforcing teamwork, as it enables access to common and collaborative work areas.
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At Datalyse we prioritise the security of all data.

Advanced security protocols to protect your customer data.
You will have all your documents in one "bunker. Datalyse is hosted on more than 68 AWS servers around the world, all of which are mirrored with each other.
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Infrastructure-free, safe and efficient

All you need is an internet connection and you will have all the tools and files available.
CRM Software With Email Integration
The Datalyse cloud file module, thanks to its AI, identifies if a contact in our database sends us an email with attachments. Automatically, the Datalyse "cloud" generates a new folder with the data of our contact, with the intention of facilitating the management a posteriori.
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