Create your own IVR system

In Datalyse you can create your own IVR system within the Private Branch Exchange PBX. You can add Synthetic Voice recordings or add your own voice recordings.

Advantages of using our IVR

Configure your call centres with intelligent call routing and call tracking.

Countless nodes

It will allow automated agents to interact with customers or individuals using voice, touch-tone dialing and keypad dialing.

Diversion to groups

Forward calls to groups with the call queuing function you will keep your customers or potential customers on hold until one of your agents is available to take their call.

Synthetic voice

Add texts that will be reproduced with synthetic voice from the Datalyse system in different languages and genres.
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Main features

Being a telephone technology that automatically interacts with the caller, collects the necessary information and routes the call to the appropriate recipient or department in the company.
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100% configurable and adaptable to your needs.
Cost reduction without the need for investment.
Synthetic voice recording or add your own recordings.
Improve your customer service and attention.
Forwarding to numbers, users or departments directly from the PBX itself.
Quality communication at low cost.

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