Communicate in a faster and safer way through VoIP intergration

Datalyse CRM allows you to establish communications with your customers through our VoIP PBX integration.

Log calls

Have centralised recordings of calls made and received by your business. Manage, download and delete recordings easily.

Local number anywhere

Get your own local phone numbers from any city in over 60 countries. Displaying a local number to your website visitors increases trust and sales.

Telephone web

Receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls on your web phone built into Datalyse CRM, saving on call forwarding costs or if you prefer, to phones in any country.

Unseen engineering

Configure your call centres with intelligent call routing and call tracking.

Automatic Dialling

Datalyse takes over the structure of your company's telephone system and hosts it in the cloud, saving you costs, time and space. Work efficiently and effectively.

Anywhere, anytime

From Datalyse's cloud-based system emerges the concept of true mobility and simplified administration with workers able to log in from almost anywhere in the world.

Change is good

Datalyse continually listens to customers and makes changes to backend systems, which means that our customers get the best of both worlds: state-of-the-art, automatic, up-to-date and improved technology so that they never have to work with an obsolete system again.
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