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Call Centre & Telemarketing CRM Software

Never again worry about getting a bunch of different tools to "talk to each other"... Scale remotely with ease.
A sales-driven operating system and a global telephony system, all in one tool! Operate your business locally and globally! business locally and globally! Use your customer process to automate the entire customer lifecycle: sales, service, renewals and complaints.
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Software tools are now not designed for high volume sales.

Use different software when they could use just one.

Difficulties in customer follow-up.

Global mobile phone lines not integrated with CRM.

How do I solve my problem when managing a large customer portfolio with Datalyse?

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If you want a system to manage sales, telephony and service while offering the best possible automation that was designed specifically for high volume sales, then Datalyse is for you!

Sound familiar?

Your current software is causing you to lose data about your customers.

It has limitations that hinder your day-to-day work with the client.
It is not possible to record calls in order to be able to listen to them in case of doubt or to solve a problem.
It does not allow trainees to eavesdrop on training calls by listening in on colleagues at work.
They do not collect all the messages sent in the file of the respective contacted customer.
It does not allow you to initiate communications from the client's file.
It does not allow you to add notes in the customer's file while you are talking on the call.
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Your current software is wasting your time

They have limitations that make you spend more time than you should on tasks that do not bring benefit.
It does not allow you to initiate communications in one click.
It does not allow you to send automated communications that are recorded in customer files.
Lost sales opportunities and time because these tools do not help to collect information to feed into marketing.
This is taking you away from the end result of closing a successful sale.
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The solution? Datalyse

Datalyse helps you to solve all those problems in your day to day life with the best technological solutions on the market.

Datalyse includes technology solutions such as automated and bulk distribution of new leads, personalisation of sales funnels, automation of repetitive administrative tasks and lead generation. No more having to write campaigns again!

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Functionality #1

How does Datalyse solve customer data loss?

Datalyse records your calls so that you can listen to them later and not miss any details of your customer communications. Our CRM has a "call spy" feature so that your new employees can be trained by listening to live calls. At datalyse we collect all the messages sent in the respective file of the customer contacted so that all the information is not lost or dispersed. Datalyse allows you to initiate: calls, send SMS, Whatsapp, email... from the client's file. This CRM gives you the possibility to add notes and comments with a single click on the customer's file while you are making calls.

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Functionality #2

Datalyse tools to save time and close sales

Our CRM allows you to start your communications in just one click. With Datalyse you won't spend more than 1 second to start your communications. Automate your team with email sequences for customers when they are in the status you specify. The sequence of these emails will be sent automatically, with the intention of saving time in your customer communications. Collect all the information from within your CRM in the form of reports and statistics thanks to Datalyse and nurture your marketing. Stop spending time making reports and statistics and let artificial intelligence do it for you.

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Functionality #3

A whole Omnichannel system in the same solution. Shall we get started?

We have our own means of communication to obtain further discounts and ensure faster resolution of problems and restrictions. Direct communication with customers via: SMS, VoIP, mail manager, video conference manager, chatbot and WhatsApp. It's easy, because thanks to our own communication, we solve the problem immediately. Without intermediaries.

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