CRM Contact Management Software

A contact management system is software that allows you to communicate with customers and prospects. Within Datalyse CRM, contact management is the tool that allows you to administer and manage multiple business relationships.

All the information you need in one place

Thanks to the design of the Datalyse CRM and after many studies, the Datalyse developers have designed views for a better understanding, visualisation, classification and analysis of your contacts.
The advantage that contact management gives companies the ability to ensure greater engagement and loyalty with their customers.
The unified repository of customer information allows all members of your organisation to seamlessly access data.
This management is of great help during the whole process towards the conversion of a contact. From acquisition or discovery to lead management to closing the deal.
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Inaccurate information equals misinformation

It is not only possible to associate several contacts to the same company, but also to associate several contacts to departments within the company.

All joint information: contact and company

Thanks to the Datalyse automation control module, you will have all the automations sorted and classified in order to obtain the action and return metrics.

Enhanced multi-filter search XSearch

The developers of Datalyse have improved and refined the contact search by adding the possibility to search and sort our contacts. The sorting can be by date, status, origin, owner, etc.

Contacts from excel or .csv

They will be automatically entered into Datalyse with all the fields the user chooses automatically and in record time, thanks to Datalyse's contact management technology. No more waiting for long periods of time to upload an entire contact database.
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