7 ways Datalyse can Support your Business

7 ways Datalyse can Support your Business
With so many businesses claiming to help you with your CRM support it is difficult to decide whether to take the leap or stick to the tried and tested excel spreadsheet.

Small business owners, well not just small business owners, larger ones too - can sometimes find it difficult to relinquish their spreadsheets in fear that all the data that they have mined over the years; nurtured and spent hours perfecting can be taken away in a moment. Being able to upload a file from CSV’s, Excel to other documents hasn’t been easier.

Imagine this: Tom has worked in the accounts department for 23 years and drafted his own document with contacts. Richard did the same in Sales, but his has extra fields that are valuable to him because he nurtured all these clients from when he started with the business 7 years ago and brought over a contact list from his previous employment (without his past employer’s knowledge). Then we have Harry who has worked in marketing in the last 8 months has come up with a brilliant idea that the business needs a CRM system for everyone to use - now what?

As you can imagine, there is likely going to be uproar as no one likes to let go of their hard work and emotional investment in building their contact list to just pop it on a global list for everyone else to use and that’s without even thinking about GDPR. What Tom and Richard don’t understand is that Harry’s idea is to set up a process whereby a clients (and pre clients) journey can begin and be valuable to each person and department.

At Datalyse we can support your business with a CRM system that can be bespoke to your business.
7 Super tips for your Business CRM
1.Track all the interactions of your audience
2.Manage your pipeline by building a robust easy to use system
3.Help you increase your client retention rate
4.Make the upload of all the old data easy and accessible. If you need a restricted area for just the manager we can incorporate it
5.Turning your CRM into gamification to support staff morale and healthy competition
6.Be available outside of your geographical area
7.Provide training and videos for you to continue your growth with Datalyse’s CRM

CRM’s today can have a whole host of fields to make it easy to manage your audience. Whatever your business needs we will integrate the field for you, ready for your agents to ask the questions.

Why choose Datalyse’s CRM?
At Datalyse, we provide the ‘Worlds easiest call centre software’ by ensuring that the software is easy to use for those in the office and out of the office.

Our CRM is cost effective, in fact we offer free trial and for businesses that only have one person we will give it to you for free for a whole year. This is great news if you are a start up trying to grow your business. You can try us out at no charge.

For SME’s who have an operation abroad or case handlers that are abroad, Datalyse is ideal for you. You can manage your agents wherever you are in the UK. Our platform is Cloud-based, which means access wherever there is internet

Furthermore, unlike our competitors, we can integrate Datalyse into your current systems, which means that there are no third party costs.

Call us today to have a chat on how we can help you or your business on +44 29 2168 0133 or complete this form and we will be in touch.

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