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About a few months ago we started our collaboration with Datalyse.
Hector Hacosta
CEO of Drive & Win

Drive&Win is an innovative digital insurance company that targets millennials with personalised quotes based on their management results with a PROBLEM APP.

When we got to work with Drive&Win we found a company with a need to manage its growing sales and operations team.

A growing company wanted to meet their needs to optimise their sales cycle. They had insurance software that specialised in creating policies in a few minutes, but had customer management software that was difficult to manage for their growing team, which slowed down the sales process. In addition, the price of their monthly Voice over IP telecoms calls was too high in relation to the prices offered by Datalyse.

Their main interest was to be able to focus on growing their sales force, integrating communications with a powerful and simple CRM for their company, and Datalyse provided the solution.


Datalyse has enabled them to visualise all the new requests pending from managesr in a single tab to make their commercial management more agile. Datalyse has also helped them to automatically manage and support the management of their sales representatives through sales reports.


Thanks to Datalyse, Hector and the entire Drive&Win sales team have been able to increase lead flow and conversions by accessing data-driven reports, automating processes through WorkFlows and reaching customers via SMS, phone, email or WhatsApp.



In just 3 weeks since its inception, they have not only incorporated intelligent sales force management with automations across their business, but have increased lead conversion and reduced monthly telecom costs by unifying all of them in Datalyse.



- Manage your sales team

- Ineffective management software

- Sales growth

- Dispersion of management programmes

- Decentralised, high-cost communications centre



- More effective sales team with the use of more efficient software

- Management software with integrated automation and communications centre

- Increased number of new contacts, which ultimately results in faster new sales

- Sales metrics through detailed reporting.


- Datalyse is a fast and easy to use CRM that allows you to unify your company's needs, centralising all your operations in a single application. Find out how a CRM can help your team on our website and blog, or get in touch with us.

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