With the datalyse web questionnaires and their function-related properties, you will avoid the purchase and/or contracting of other specific software for this purpose.

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With datalyse web forms, you can not only create satisfaction surveys to send to your customers relevant to a service provided, a product or a meeting, but you can also generate surveys within your company such as: improvements of new implementations, improvements of functionalities by departments, opinion of your employees regarding the management team in order to improve and know the opinion they have. You can also create forms concerning the knowledge of your employees about the products or services offered by your company, including the creation of various lists. Datalsye has created and designed this web forms module with the intention of being a fully modular tool for any action or purpose you want to give. With datalyse web forms and their features in terms of functionalities, you will avoid the purchase and/or contracting of other specific programmes for each purpose, gaining in obtaining the most important thing for any company in any sector; INFORMATION. ? FUNCTIONALITIES ? 100% configurable. It adapts to your needs. ? Cloud-based ? Organisation of all forms created ? Unlimited number of fields including description and message when filling in the form ? Possibility to choose different types of answers such as short answer, paragraph, numeric field, various options, checkboxes with image symbol, date or include HTML codes. ? Get specific market research based on new services or new products you want to offer to your target audience. ? In the form manager you can perform different actions such as: edit a created form, submit the form, integrate the form with a click on your website whatever your design code is. ? Increase the participation statistics of your customers and your employees. ? Depending on each answer of each section, you can design different actions such as: automatic sending of the form to the email address you have set or jumping to different sections of the form. You can also create that all or the questions you set are mandatory preventing to skip to the next question. ? In the design of each form you can delete, correct or move the order of each question. ? You will have statistical knowledge, once you send the forms, of the completion of the form. ? You will be able to include the identifying name or subject for a better management of the forms. POWER ? Improved communication ? Cost reduction without investment ? Maximum flexibility and mobility ? Gives added value to companies such as freelancers and SMEs. ? You will get accurate information on any object or opinion you want. ? Optimises your resources. ? It ensures the verification that all the fields that you establish by importance or necessity, are completed and/or filled in. ? Compliance with safety and quality standards. ? No additional cost ? Real-time information ? Improve service and attention to your customers. ? Increased effectiveness and production within the company. ? ADVANTAGES NO COST WITHIN DATALYSE CRM Avoid investing in similar software, datalyse CRM offers you this functionality within your Professional subscription. EASY TO USE You don't need a lot of computer knowledge to create any kind of form. The datalyse forms offer you an intuitive and logical interface. COLLECT INFORMATION With datayse forms, you have the advantage of being able to design those issues you may be concerned about and obtain information in a non-invasive way from your target audience. DESIGN YOUR FORM TO SUIT YOU AND YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE With datalyse web forms you can create and design as many forms as you wish. Design from a service or product satisfaction questionnaire, internal company surveys or opinion and collaboration lists. ADAPTS TO ANY DEVICE It is not necessary to know and worry about whether your recipient will be able to see and interact with the form you send. It adapts to any technological environment. BOOST YOUR COMPANY'S IMAGE Based on statistics gathered by datalsye from its branches across Europe, we have found that sending forms to your customers not only intensifies customer bonding but also amplifies customer loyalty. ANTICIPATE OR STUDY YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE As a non-intrusive and very discreet method of contact, you can get valuable information if you decide to create a new service or product. Not only will you get valuable information but you will be able to design the implementation of possible new services or products. You will get a small, personalised market study focused on your interests.

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