Employees can tailor their approach to individual customer requirements based on existing information to ensure higher deal closing rates.

A contact management system, by definition, is software that allows you to communicate with customers and prospects. Within datalyse CRM, contact management is the tool that allows you to administer and manage multiple business relationships. At the same time, it facilitates the daily work of these relationships. For example, you can schedule emails to be sent to your customers automatically using the datalsye automation module, also included in your CRM.What makes a good customer relationship manager? The first things that come to mind when we think of good customer relations are things like being on time for appointments, delivering on promises, offering help when needed, etc. In other words, we know how to deal well with our customers because we have been ADVANTAGES ADD A NEW CONTACT MANUALLY In just a few steps and almost automatically you can fill in the details of a new contact. CONTACTS FROM EXCEL OR .CSV They will be automatically entered into datalyse with all the fields of the user's choice in record time, thanks to datalyse's contact management technology. No more long waits to load a whole database of contacts. ENHANCED SEARCH WITH XSEARCH MULTIFILTERS. The developers of datalyse have improved and enhanced the contact search by adding the possibility to search and sort our contacts. Sorting can be by date, status, origin, owner, etc. INACCURATE INFORMATION EQUALS MISINFORMATION It is not only possible to associate several contacts to the same company, but also to associate several contacts to company departments. ALL THE INFORMATION TOGETHER: CONTACT AND COMPANY Thanks to the datalyse automation control module, you will have all the automations sorted and classified to obtain action and return metrics. NEW CONTACTS FROM MARKETING CAMPAIGNS datalsye automatically recognises the origin of each contact to identify and show you how many contacts you have in your CRM and where they come from. EASY AND EFFICIENT VISUALISATION Thanks to the design of the datalsye CRM and after much research, the datalsye developers have designed views for a better understanding, visualisation, sorting and analysis of your contacts.

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