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Telemarketing Ops & Marketing

Zoe Flynn

Datalyse allowed our Quality Success team to save a tremendous amount of time and increase the quality of our communication outbound as well – and we wouldn’t have had a way to do it without the embedded automated process we created through the platform.


Here is why Datalyse made sense for Zoe Flynn:

  • Drive activity, outreach, and conversions with Datalyse.
  • Datalyse provides a single place for sales reps to work that integrates flawlessly with Telecoms and Demand generation marketing.
  • Fine-tune integrations to meet your needs, and ensure your sales team adheres to your defined process so you get the right results.

Insurtech sales & Leadership

Gabriel Miller

In a high paced environment, an average month turns into a great month when, as leaders, we can convert any inefficiency into productivity. This is what Datalyse has made possible.


Here is why Datalyse made sense for Gabriel Miller:

  • Make every department a winner.
  • Full visibility into your team’s activities lets you know each rep is engaging every prospect with the right process every time.
  • Everything is automatically logged to Datalyse, so you’ll never worry about telecommunications data accuracy again.

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