VoIP Features

Find all your numbers and your users in one place, even if they’re all over the globe.

Keep inbound callers on hold until a teammate becomes available

Easily craft greetings including leave of absence messages. Record and upload them, or just write them down and we will give them a voice.

Add an IVR to your lines and make sure calls are always directed to the right person or team.

Make or receive calls on any number, all over the world. Always be right around the corner.

Instantly obtain toll-free numbers from your area, or from any country from which you operate.

Advanced call centre and collaboration features

Direct calls to your team all at once or sequentially. Pick and choose call distribution with one click.

Monitor your team’s performance and the quality of your service by recording calls and listening back on them with quality and personalised packages.

Make and receive as many calls as you like, on any number, at the same time.

Toggle your preferences and add or remove users and numbers with a single click.

Listen-in on active calls to measure and improve employee performance, or if you haven’t got time to do it in real time, you can go back and listen to the calls at a convenient time to you.

Gauge your support team’s performance by keeping track of missed calls, call loads, etc.

Secretly speak to employees while they are on an active call, to help engage and learn, never losing a lead.

Every teammate can be easily reached by dialling their 3-digit extension.

Get live updates on what’s going on in your call centre to optimise your staff productivity.

Easily search for any call within your app and start calling!

Professional business phone features

A notification will pop up on your screen to alert you of an incoming call. Pick up the call at a click of a button.

Options to allow each user to set working hours and their call availability, or let managers set hours for the whole team.

Make it simple for your sales team to make calls with click to dial. Click on a number and it will open in on your Datalyse Webphone platform.

Give callers the flexibility to leave your queue now and receive their reply later in your app and start calling!

Never miss another call because you couldn't hear it.

Integration with your business tools

Our one-click CTI lets you structure workflows and improve both your team’s productivity and your customers.

Datalyse integrates with the business tools you use daily. These can include, and not limited to Quickbooks, UPS, Xerox, and many more.

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