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Datalyse offers an intelligent suite sales tools that enable your sales team to close more leads.

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Key Features:

What We Offer

In-depth analytics
It's time to stop guessing/estimating and start working with actual figures. The reports you generate with Datalyse, allows you to conduct in-depth analysis of your activities in order to measure the true ROI of your marketing efforts and visualise their real impact on your sales.

Personalised and automated Customer Experiences
Limit oversight and increase your productivity by working with Datalyse’s intelligent CRM, that’s custom built for your industry and can be built bespoke for your business needs. You can schedule automated reminders, plan the various steps of your call activities and establish company-specific processes, dramatically improving productivity, all while ensuring compliance and meeting your industry’s standards.

Connect with your customers wherever they are
Growth hacking is really simple - the happier your customer is, the more successful your company becomes. With Seamless integrations and Omnichannel capabilities, Datalyse makes it possible for you to engage with customers on the channels they prefer - creating seamless customer engagement and enhancing customer experience.

If something doesn’t fit in with your business, tell us, we take customer feedback seriously and strive to constantly improve

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