What are Your Thoughts on Working Remotely?

From an employees perspective working remotely from home can have vast benefits. But first, let’s look at why someone would want to work from home when they can be left isolated, no colleague banter, or may have to wait for their line manager to contact them if there was an urgency.

There are many reasons and some of the top ones we have come across include:
• Childcare responsibilities (collecting them prior to or after school is easier)
• Caring for the elderly
• Financial reasons
• Avoiding the commute
• Better focus
• Increased productivity

Working remotely is not a new concept, in fact according to We Work Remotely everyone worked from their homes, prior to the Industrial Revolution.

Today, work from home jobs has become the normality, especially in the telecoms business. In a report conducted by OWLLabs, 52% of employees around the world work remotely at least once per week, with 68% working remotely at least once per month.

Would you Allow your Employees to Work Remotely?
It has been known some businesses have been concerned that their employees may not be as hardworking as they would be in the office. This thought is less so now as businesses grow and want to hire the best even if it means that the candidate works in another town. Also, the digital era of everyone can be ‘tracked’ whether by email, phone or video calling, gives a sense of satisfaction to line managers that an employee can be ‘found’ wherever they are.

Once our clients, who are predominately sales call centres have allowed their staff to work remotely, they have found staff to be more productive, quicker with their calls, and most importantly the business has a better return on investment.

Working remotely is not the future, it is taking place right now and with cloud based software such as Datalyse, which is accessed using just an internet connect and of course the safety passwords in place, it means your staff can work from anywhere in the world.

Businesses are considering remote working more so than ever. With oil prices plummeting and the quite rightly, constant reminder of the planet being in a state (a reminder to all with the flooding and freakish weather) as a business have you considered remote working for your employees?

We believe the telecoms industry is turning their employees to remote working more so every year.

If you want to find out how Datalyse can save your business money and increase your business output at a cost effective smart price.

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