The Pitfalls Of Using Excel To Keep In Touch With Clients

It still amazes us how many businesses use excel spreadsheets or in-house manual systems to keep in touch with their clients. What businesses don’t realise is that there are pitfalls to using excel versus an intelligently automated customer relationship management (CRM) system.

spreadsheet, due to the fear of change. This could be costing these small businesses hundreds of pounds every year.

The use of spreadsheets usually comes to play when you’re just starting out on your business and so managing data can be convenient. However, this can be quite costly in the long run as well as possibly putting the SME at risk by continuing to use a limiting software.

Some of the pitfalls of using an excel spreadsheet and in-house software include:

Time wasting
With a in-house system or excel spreadsheet businesses can be bogged down with moving information from one screen to another manually, data can be cumbersome to gather and duplication of work generally occurs.
A CRM on the other hand provides an automated process. Repetitive tasks can be inputed and the information can be amalgamated to give you data and facts, that are quick and easy to understand. When your business grows the CRM grows, when your excel spreadsheet grows there is a plethora of data that is hard to control and can be lost.

Different departments in the same business usually have a different way of capturing information. For example, the finance department may have a number of headings that don’t meet with the headings used by the sales department, this causes anomalies when capturing information. With a CRM, you can integrate each departments needs and it will reflect the information you all need in one easy to use system, saving you cost in time and in using different systems.

Data needs to be converted to different programs if you’re using separate systems such as a Mac or PC. Having a cloud based CRM system such as Datalyse allows you to obtain information on any device at any location with internet access.

Some departmental software such as accounting has a place, however CRM definitely trumps software that should be used to keep in touch with clients. Of course, a CRM such as Datalyse recognises this and can integrate such solutions to work together.

Datalyse is built on a cloud based platform that is specifically for SME’s in mind. and provides the added convenience of building in any additional bespoke elements that you may require for your business.

If you want to help save your business money and time, then give us a call to +44 29 2168 0133 and we will fit in a free demonstration, so that you can see the system working in real time.
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