Integrated Booking Calendar

Easily schedule your events within your CRM and don't lose information.

Datalyse CRM has a new calendar functionality that allows you to create multiple booking calendars for your entire company and employees. In addition, you can also quickly publish them on your own website in a fast, intuitive and easy way.

Taking into account the high consumer demand and market requirements, Datalyse has added a new module to its crm, called "Windget Calendar" or "Booking Calendar". 

This new calendar allows you to generate a multitude of booking calendars for your entire organisation and employees and also to quickly publish them on your own web portal and share them via an enanza with your customers. 

What does this new functionality bring to your daily life?

1. Be able to share as many booking calendars inside and outside the organisation as feasible, including publishing them on the organisation's web portal with a single click. 

2. Sending your customers a personalised booking calendar not only allows you to integrate the platform into your own CRM data system, but also gives you a serious and compact corporate image. 

3. Simplifies and allows your customers to arrange visits/arrange appointments or meetings online.

4. With Datalsye's Calendar Widget, you will not only be able to keep track of and glimpse each of your scheduled meetings by department, but also know the progress of each of your meetings. 

5. Use the Datalyse calendar widget and make the most of each department's time. 

Booking Calendar features (also known as Calendar Widgets integrated with Datalyse CRM)

EASILY SCHEDULE YOUR EVENTS FROM NOW ON: This new calendar allows you to create multiple booking calendars for your entire company and employees and quickly publish them on your own website. Fast, intuitive and easy. 

MANAGEMENT PANEL: Manage which calendars you want to activate or deactivate and filter between the different calendars you have created. 

SHARE WITH EVERYONE: Don't leave anyone you consider important absent from your tasks. Share with people inside and outside your company your available hours through booking calendars.

DETERMINE BY SCHEDULE AND WORKING DAYS: Defined not only by time and time slot, but also by the users who will use each calendar. You will be able to see which agents are available and book hours according to your interest.

MAKE IT EASY FOR YOUR AUDIENCE TO MEET YOUR COMPANY: Datalyse has determined and researched that companies with tools that users can choose to use are more successful. 

YOUR CUSTOMERS AT EASE: Datalyse's calendar widget not only helps your customers to choose the best day and time for their interests, but they will automatically receive a notification of the appointment they have scheduled. 

PUBLIC CALENDARS ON YOUR WEBSITE Publish on your website with a single click or share the link to your booking calendars you want In this type of booking calendar you can create as many calendars as services you want to provide.


The Calendar widget from Datalyse is a professional and efficient meeting planning centre. It eliminates the hassle of exchanging emails, so you can spend more time working.

- Create unlimited calendars for each user or service of your business by highlighting them with colour in a simple and intuitive manager.

- Datalyse guarantees appointment booking for all events in your calendar. When your contact makes an appointment, you will receive a notification and the event will be blocked in your calendar.

- Simplify and make it easier for your customers to arrange visits to your company. 

- With datalsye's Calendar Widget, you can not only monitor and view all scheduled meetings per department, but also discover the progress of each meeting.

- Share as many booking calendars inside and outside the company as possible, even publish them on the company website with a single click. All this without any programming knowledge, just a click away.

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